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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Multigenerational Mini-Bernedoodle?

A Mini-Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese mountain Dog and a Poodle. Our dogs are multigenerational meaning that 2 mini-Bernedoodles are bred to create an equal Bernese and mini-poodle hybrid. In doing this, we create a smaller Bernedoodle that keeps more Bernese characteristics. This includes the blockier head, physique and personality traits.  When you cross two different breeds, they tend to have over-all better health and are less likely to inherit genetic diseases. This also allows us to recreate the Bernese tri-color coat and Markings!! 

What is the temperament of a Mini-Bernedoodle?

 Fun, loving, fun-loving, calm yet entertaining, loyal, friendly, great with children and other animals,  and very smart.

What colors are Bernedoodles?

Dainty Doodle Mini-Bernedoodles are usually tri-color. They do come in other combinations of tri-colors  - e.g, crimson-brown to chocolate-brown, white and black.  

What type of hair do Mini-Bernedoodle have?

Dainty Doodle coat hair varies from a curly/wavy to wavy/straight. This depends on each individual puppy and the puppy parents. They are also non-shedding and hypoallergenic. 

How do I reserve a puppy?

A $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy from a current litter.

Deposits are non-refundable. We take checks, paypal and cash for initial Deposits.

Final payment is due when you pick up or have the puppy delivered and should be in the form of cash on day of re-homing.

What will I receive with my puppy?

All puppies include the following:

  • Health record including first shots, worming, Dew-Claw removal and Vet Check.

  • Sample of the food puppy is used to eating, blanket, collar, and toy. 

  • puppy DNA chart/Genetic LinEage 

  • Written 1 year Health Warrant/Guarantee (check Puppy Contract for more info)

  •  Bill of Sale
    A life time of puppy support 


Is Shipping Possible?

This is a case-by-case basis. We offer au pair/"puppy nanny" services if absolutely necessary. We NEVER ship puppies unattended - that's just cruel.

Will you hold a puppy after pick up date?

Yes, we can hold puppies longer if needed in most cases. This needs to be discussed before selection day. We have the right to refuse a longer stay if not able to accommodate. An additional cost of $45 per day will be added to the final cost, as well as costs of shots, vet appointments and any misc. needs of puppy care during their extended time with us.  

Do you allow the general public to visit and handle your puppies?

Absolutely not. We are very serious about protecting our puppies! Only those who have a deposit and a vested interest in our pups are allowed to come and visit. While we do understand the interest in this breed and why many great families want to visit and hold our Puppies, that can expose our puppies germs/viruses that can be harmful. Our puppy families can visit at approximately 4-5 weeks if they'd like to meet their baby early.

Do you have a health warranty?

Yes, all puppies come with a 72-hour health warranty that gives you time to take the puppy to your vet, and have a full check up. If you are not completely satisfied - the puppy must be returned to us ASAP for an exchange. Any shipping charges are non-refundable. A one year health guarantee is also provided and is extensively explained in our Puppy contract.  which you can view under prices, polices and contracts. 

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