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Hi, we're the Olsens :)

Hello Dainty Doodle families! We're so glad you're here. 

My husband and I were both raised around the breeding, training and showing of Golden Retrievers. After we tied the knot, we got our first Mini-Goldendoodle as a service-therapy dog back in 2008 when I (Lauren) was working as a speech pathologist.


We needed a dog that was smaller, highly intelligent, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding to work with my clients. 


We were constantly asked by clients, friends, and straight up strangers on the street for more info about our Mini-Goldendoodle.


We decided to take the plunge, and start breeding our own Mini-Goldendoodles - the right way! We wanted to give our future clients full support and the best opportunity to have a happy, healthy, and intelligent dog.

Many of our puppies have become service & therapy dogs - and we're so proud of that!


We raise our pups inside our home, in the foothills of Northern California, with our two children.

You can read more about what makes us different here, but this is the short version:

- We genetically test for issues before breeding

- Temperament assessments begin immediately after birth

- We administer and monitor vaccines

- Our adults receive their annual and ad-hoc vet exams 

- Puppies examined by a vet multiple times before re-homing 


We like to place dogs with their owners by personality types and needs. We believe that having our breeding dogs in our home (not at "Guardian Homes") gives us the best knowledge of each dog's personality, temperament and health.  


This also allows our female dogs to give their pups the best example, and allows them to wean their pups when ready.


We also allow them to follow their mom in the process of learning potty training and socialization.  


We pride ourselves on giving each puppy the best start possible.


The puppies are born in our home, and raised - smack dab - in the middle of our busy, daily lives. This includes daily handling, socialization, children/puppy interaction, and puppy culture training.


Please contact us with any questions, and happy browsing! 

Home of the minigoldendoodles.jpeg
Cute Bernedoodle Puppy

Check out our references and if you need more please visit our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page is for our families and their puppies. The page was made so that everyone can share puppy pictures, keep in contact with each other, answer &  Ask questions, schedule puppy reunions and is a 24 hour support line.


We believe in good communication and keeping this an intimate experience for each of our families. Thank you for looking and hope you find your next furry family member with us. 

Sending hugs your way!

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