Our goal is to produce a healthy, happy, well-rounded, beautiful family member that transitions easily into your everyday life!!  

First of all we want to be confident that the off-spring we are producing is bettering each dog breed. We do not breed just to achieve a desired breed or look.

we do not have "oops" litters!! We breed with

intent and take pride in our consistent

 breeding process. 

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We do a full DNA profile on each of our potential breeding dogs before breeding. Each DNA profile provides insights on a dog’s

health, personal traits and all-inclusive genetic health testing relevant to that breed. It tests for genetic inbreeding coefficient and results for nearly all genetic mutation tests recommended by national breed clubs.  We also get results accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for all conditions they test for.

Once an optimal DNA profile is achieved we do individual personality tests and training evaluations on each dog to further evaluate desired outcome!! This DNA/evaluation will be included in each puppy take come packet at time of re-homing!! 

Full list of over 260 health conditions we test for, in 16 different area

  • Brain and Spinal Cord
  • Muscular
  • Blood
  • Multisystem
  • Eyes
  • Gastro-intestinal
  • Skin & Connective Tissues
  • Kidney and Bladder
  • Hormones
  • Metabolic
  • Immune
  • Other Systems
  • Skeletal
  • Neuro-muscular
  • Heart
  • Clinical

We test for the following traits:

  • Coat Color/traits 

    Body Size

  • Performance
  • Genetic Diversity
  • drug/vaccine sensitivity test 

We don't believe in "guardian homes" for our dogs. these are our family dogs!! Each dog is bred, born and raised in our home with our children!!  We want to have consistent monitoring and control over any behavioral and medical changes in each of our dogs. this also allows for our Dames to fully naturally wean, teach potty training, socialization skills and bond through the whole process. We feel this produces a much more rounded, confident and easy trained puppy!!  Each puppy starts potty training with us. Each puppy starts crate training with us.  Each puppy is in the middle of our everyday lives, and is never unattended. Each puppy is started on the "Puppy Culture Program," right after birth till rehoming!!  Each puppy encounters many different sensory environments and situations. This included different in and outdoor play areas!!